Water Resource and Stormwater Management

We consider the relationships among different components of a community's water programs (stormwater / drinking water / flood control / wastewater) and offer a process to think of them in the face of climate change, especially increased precipitation, storm intensities and river discharge, and to consider what that means for future infrastructure needs.

We help communities rethinking water, especially stormwater, as not just a compliance issue with a set of stringent regulations including Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Phase I and Phase II Permits, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements, and Watershed Implementation Plans, but as an opportunity to plan for a more resilient future.

Paying for stormwater that incorporates grey and green infrastructure and Low Impact Development practices is an issue that many New England communities need help with. We offer a Stormwater Financing and Outreach Unit to help communities address these questions. The unit provides a host of technical assistance opportunities working one-on-one with communities throughout the region, with a set of regional entities, and/or stormwater stakeholders from state, local, and nongovernmental organizations to provide stormwater management and financing support.

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