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Connecting CSO Abatement and Sustainability Planning: Success Stories Green Infrastructure
Asset Management for Stormwater Land Use & Water
Saving by Mitigating Drinking Water
Auditing Your Town's Development Code for Barriers to Sustainable Water Management Climate Change

Practice Guides & Case Studies Water Management Learning Modules
Green Infrastructure in the Mid-South: Recommendations for Implementing and Fiancing Green Infrastructure Elements of the Mid-South Regional Greenprint Vision Plan Module 1 - Watershed Planning
Integrating Water Into Local and Regional Sustainability Planning: Case Stories from Sustainable Communities Grantees Module 2 - Low-Impact Development
Green Infrastructure on Brownfields Module 3 - Green Infrastructure
Privatizing Infrastructure: A Guide for Local Governments
Promoting Green Infrastrucure- Strategies, Case Studies, and Resources

Archived Webinars  
Aging Infrastructure Webinar Series Part I: My Infrastructure Is Aging! (Isn't It?) (December 2014) Aging Infrastructure Webinar Series Part II: How to Pay for Infrastructure Upgrades (December 2014)
Using Green Infrastructure to Meet Clean Water Act Consent Decree Requirements (November 2014) Effective Financing Solutions: Paying for Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Projects (May 2014)
Implementing Your Resiliency Strategy: A Policy and Systems Perspective (April 2014) Asset Management for Stormwater (Nov 2013)
Intro to COAST: A Tool for Community-Led Climate Adaptation Planning (Sept 2013) Assessing the Economic Impact of Stormwater Investments (June 2013)
Green Infrastructure on Brownfields (Feb 2013) Community Resiliency and Recovery Planning (Feb 2013)