The on-line resources listed below are focused on further assessing or improving your systemís financial health. Whether the self assessment tool indicates specific problem areas or no major deficiencies, these resources are designed to enhance understanding of your systemís financial condition and help you to strengthen it.


Developing Water System Financial Capacity
Type: PDF
Source: US EPA

A good introduction to financial capacity issues and analysis with some nice visuals. Some of information is geared to larger systems, but it can be tailored to different audiences.

Managing A Small Drinking Water System
Type: Online training course
Source: National Environmental Services Center

Course not available on-line, but can be ordered for modest fee. See especially, Module #9, Financial Practices.

Drinking Water System Management Handbook
Type: Publication (PDF)
Source: Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University.

An excellent overview of water system capacity issues with good links to other resources.

Running Your System Like a Good Business
Type: Article (PDF)
Source: On Tap Magazine (by Mark Kemp-Rye)

A very readable article that provides tips for evaluating, planning and budgeting to improve financial footing.


Utility Budgeting Tools
Type: Spreadsheets and Instructions (MS Excel)
Source: Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University.

Sample and blank budgeting templates. Download available along with other useful tools on EFC Region 10ís website at http://sspa.boisestate.edu/efc.

Financial Spreadsheets
Type: Spreadsheets and Instructions (PDF)
Source: State of Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Multi-year budgeting spreadsheets that are designed to be used with a self-assessment form developed by the State of Indiana as part of its Capacity Development Program.


Asset Management: From Theory to Reality
Type: Article (PDF)
Source: On Tap Magazine (by Natalie Eddy)

A good 2-page introduction to asset management basics.

Asset Management for Small Systems
Type: Publication/Worksheets (PDF)
Source: U.S. EPA

Provides a simplified approach for inventorying assets and planning for the financing of repair and replacement.

Type: Software Tool
Source: Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University

A more sophisticated tool for inventorying assets and developing a long range financing strategy. Allows users to analyze different funding options and scenarios. A demonstration version can be downloaded directly from site.


Ratio 8
Type: Software Tool
Source: Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University.

A financial assessment tool to help you analyze your water systemís financial condition. Using eight ratio formulas, Ratio8 helps you assess the true costs of financing your public water system, as well as look for trends and find ways to make improvements. Download available along with other useful tools at the Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University.


Show Me Ratemaker 4.0
Type: Software Tool
Source: Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

An excellent free, public domain application operating on Microsoft Excel used for analyzing and fixing the rates and finances of sewer and drinking water systems. Download available as part of EMI (Environmental Management Institute) Software suite.

The Painful Art of Setting Water and Sewer Rates
Type: Article (PDF)
Source: Popular Government (by Jeff Hughes)

Provides a candid look at some of challenges involved in rate setting and how selected communities are grappling with it.

Setting Small Drinking Water System Rates for a Sustainable Future
Type: Publication (PDF)
Source: US EPA

Detailed guidance on establishing an approach to rate setting that more closely reflects the full cost of providing service.